Top International School in Tirupati About Raising Children’s in Digital Age

Top International School in Tirupati, the latest trends in digital technology, including social media. With the advent of technology into today’s lives, children are being exposed to Digital learning. At Top International schools such as Sree Vidyanikethan, Tirupati, children are provided with all make ways to let 21st-century skills, majorly Technology. At the same time, we wish to throw light on how to nurture them in an age of advanced technology.

Top International School in Tirupati suggests increasing fair bonds

In the digital age, children can not only start healthy friends afresh but also strengthen existing relationships online. Parenting is not about barring our children from today’s technology, but equipping them to use those tools properly. However, there should be age restrictions on technology, such as the minimum age for Facebook/Instagram as 13 years old. They should also be taught that they can’t believe everything that is seen on the Internet and need to know the danger of comparing themselves to the rose-colored profiles on social media.

Top International School in Tirupati emphasizes online-offline balance

At our top international school at Tirupati, we try to make our children master the digital technology and to make use of them in an effective manner. We hope kids consistently find a balance between screens and the rest of life. At the same time, it is parents’ responsibility to carve out screen-free times at home. Unplug everything so you can make eye contact and really listen to family and friends without distractions.

Top International School in Tirupati alerts about the darker side

Though there are multiple screen-based activities that are helpful, some parents believe that the technologies the reason for some of our collective stress, especially when we depend only on it for entertaining the children. Adding to it, on the impact of media and tech on kids’ mental health, supportive relationships, a feeling of self-worth, strong character, and other positive influences are what really matter. You can help inoculate your kid against this by fostering an internal sense of self-worth. Encourage activities and hobbies that give kids a sense of accomplishment on their own terms.

The top school in Tirupati promotes technology and encourages the Children’s

Nevertheless, technology serves a purpose. It is the responsibility of Teachers and parents should instill a healthy balance of humility and fierce resolve. Sree Vidyanikethan International School campus, under the stewardship of its honorable Chairman Dr. M. Mohan Babu, promotes technology through many action-packed events related to science and technology – science fairs, seminars and many more.