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Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Trust (SVET) provides all kinds of facilities which are necessary for the enhancement of the knowledge of students. The most part of the students’ time is spent outside the classroom indulging them in practical environment. We dedicate ourselves to support for Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Institution (SVEI) students in all aspects of college life, especially by offering different programs, services and resources making our tenure as exciting as possible. College life is entirely different from student life. It is the most memorable part of every human. A home away from home is what each of our residential complexes for boys and girls are all about. We make the students’ stay at hostel very pleasant by providing comfortable rooms with all the amenities, nutritious food in an extremely hygienic and conducive environment..


A healthy mind in a healthy body is what we believe in, and lay emphasis on field physical activities like Cricket, Tennis, football, volley ball, basket ball etc.,. Apart from studies students are encouraged to take active part in sports and other cultural activities like music and dance. We at SVEI, encourage our students to participate in all competitions no matter we win or lose, but important is participation. Able players are given every encouragement to compete at the highest level under the guidance of expert coaches. It is no strange if our students have competed at State level and bagged the prizes.

Residential Education:

Sprawling campus, sophisticated infrastructure oblige to satisfy the needs of the every student, be it intellectual or physical, state-of-the art facilities…everything you see at the campus is the supreme dream of Chairman Dr. M. Mohan Babu. Great care and attention is being taken to provide only the very best to the students’ .Residential education not only helps the students to gain knowledge it also teaches them how to lead their life. So, it is very important to have residential education. All the dorms are spacious and each dorm has a spacious study room, well ventilated with windows covered with mesh. We believe that student has to enjoy life and learn at the same time – a period from which will be remembered and cherished – a period from which they will draw on experiences that will help them cope with real life situations.


Entertainment has various meanings, but basically it is a diversion from Normal life. Most people say it is fun and exciting. For instance Television, Movies, Sports, and Music are examples of entertainment. We at SVEI provide all such kind of facilities, probably more than this, because we believe that unless students are comfortably housed their experience of education would not be complete. Each hostel block has a common room with television, music system and many indoor games. Old classics and latest movies are screened every Saturday except during the exams. Sunday is a day off so students are free to watch television and do their activities as mentioned in the daily schedule.

News Paper:

It is very important to know what is happening in the outer world, for the students staying in the hostel. We provide our students, the comfortness of reading News papers. Reading Newspaper is a very good habit, and one should put on a habit of reading newspapers regularly because it not only improves our IQ but also improves our vocabulary and communication skills. SVEI leaves no stone unturned to get the best out of every student.

Health & Safety:

In the Campus, SVEI Students are truly part of the tempo and excitement of the SVEI campus and beyond. SVEI is committed to safety, wellness education, and outstanding healthcare as part of the Institutions. We have got 24hrs medical facility available on campus, with two qualified staff nurses and regular visits by the General Physician hired by our school.

We believe that if the students are healthy, they themselves create a healthy and a pleasant atmosphere. All safety devices are available on the Campus at the time of emergency. We provide Student Health Center and Student health Insurance, for the betterment of the pupil.


We at SVEI are here to facilitate the services for the betterment of the students. To facilitate lectures on topics of current interest as well as be a forum for a stimulating interface between the academic and student communities, the institute has an air conditioned conference hall Dasari Auditorium, the largest such facility in an educational institution. The conference hall can accommodate 412 persons and has the latest state-of-the-art audio visual equipment. We have Sports and Recreation Center where activities pertaining to health and sports are concerned.

We have smart classrooms equipped with color monitors, LCD Projectors, latest software and Internet facility which enable the student to acquire knowledge at a faster rate. We also provide Jionet 4G internet services round the clock, which students can utilize for enhancing their knowledge. Student can also access the E-Library facility.

Health & Safety
Dining Services:

The dining halls are a natural focus of social life at Sree Vidyanikethan. The boarders have all the meals here. It is spacious and can accommodate 700 students at the same time. Moreover, the food served is totally hygienic and rich in the important required. The kitchen is equipped with modern cooking gadgets and is hygienically maintained.

The maintenance and running of kitchen is under a qualified catering manager, well versed in Nutrition and Dietetics. The cafeteria-style menu is varied and well balanced, offering choices of vegetarian dishes and catering, where necessary for special dietary need. We have mineral water plant supplying 24hrs bacteria free drinking water to hostel, cafeteria, and class rooms.


The College has six hostel blocks, each having the capacity to accommodate 100 students. The hostel blocks are constructed in a manner that aerially they depict the letter BABU M, the name of our beloved Chairman. Each block is divided into 10-15 dormitories, which can accommodate 8-12 students each. All the dorms are spacious and well ventilated with windows covered with mesh. Top priority is given to hygiene and cleanliness in toilets, bathrooms and wash areas. We have given full freedom to our students in matters of studies and all the facilities are provided accordingly. The whole campus is under round the clock security, with more than 40 security guards mostly ex-service men and also the blocks are under the track of CC Cams. The campus also enjoys 24hrs uninterrupted power supply. In tuck shop students can purchase toiletries, stationary, light snacks and confectionery. We have both A/C and Non A/C rooms available in the hostel. The boarders’ have the facility to access internet services from 6.00Am to 10.30Pm. Presently Jionet services are also provided round the clock. Keeping in view the health of the students’ Gym facility is also provided.

Lab Facility:

Our College takes immense pride in claiming that it does not lag behind any other reputed college when it comes to the state-of-the-art of computer lab(in addition to e-class rooms) with 1160 computers of Pentium 4 processors. It is supplemented with 24-hour internet connectivity.

The salient feature of this lab is that it is open on Sundays and Holidays for some fixed hours so that the students enjoy and learn things faster with the help of multi media.


We give scholarship for those students, who are keen at studying but due to unwanted circumstances cannot afford paying so much of fees. Basically students from BC, SC and ST would be given concessions. Scholarship based on Merit is also given to the hard working candidates. Therefore, the role of the College is to nurture each individual so that each one explores and develops these natural gifts. We firmly believe that every individual is unique and distinct, endowed with special innate talents and aptitude.


We provide transportation for all the day-scholars who travel from different places, in Tirupati. Buses are provided on convenient basis. We are providing nearly 10 buses for only college students and at any cost we would not step back to provide this facility.

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