About SVEI

Some 15 years ago,
Dr. M. Mohan Babu
distinguished Chairman who is well known Cine Actor who served the public,declared his intention to establish �in the immense and fast growing city, a system of rational and practical education fitting for all and graciously op ened to all�.

He is a perennial source of inspiration for the sree Vidyanikethan Educational Institutions dedicated to the cause of imparting quality education. Our collaborative approach involves inputs from various departments that gives the benefit of a much wider view and deeper understanding.

To be one of the Nation’s premier Schools by achieving the highest order of excellence in Teaching and Learning.


Sree Vidyanikethan International school is dedicated to the cause of imparting quality education. The source inspiration is our chairman Dr. M.Mohan Babu.

Right from the inception ofSree Vidyanikethan i.e. right from the day Our Chairman, Dr. M. Mohan Babu, laid the first brick of the institution Sree Vidyanikethan has faithfully and ritualistically reflected his vision. Vidyanikethan's buoyt and purposeful environment is mirrored in the competent teaching staff of potential talent and dication.
  • To prepare students for life by fostering scientific temper and values.
  • To enhance students’ self-esteem and ignite their curiosity and imagination.
  • To realize students’ potential through multi-disciplinary curriculum and mould them as wholesome personalities.
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SA 2 Syllabus - Class 4
SA 2 Syllabus - Class 5
SA 2 Syllabus - Class 6
SA 2 Syllabus - Class 7
SA 2 Syllabus - Class 8
VolleyBall Champs
SA - II Schedule 27 Feb to Mar 4th 2017
SA - II Schedule 27 Feb to Mar 4th 2017
Board Exam schedules of classes 10 & 12
Winners of SOF Exams
Sports day Celebrations @ SVIS
FA 4 Syllabus - 2016-17
FA-4 Schedule - 2016-17
Making Of Champions
Children'S Day Celebration
FA3 Schedule (2016-2017)
Class of '96 - SVEI's 1st Batch Alumni Meet
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XII & XI quarterly exam schedule 2016
SA 1 Schedule 2016-17
SA 1- Syllabus -2016-17
Teachers' Day Celebrations
Danny Hollinger Session
Inter-House VolleyBall Match (Boys)
Inter-House VolleyBall Match (Girls)
RakshaBandhan Presentation
Krishna Asthami Presentation
Dear Parents, As the CBSE Registration is ahead, kindly submit previous school TC of your ward in this office on or before 27.08.2016 without fail. Regards ......... Principal.
Independence day celebration
National Youth VolleyBall Championship
InterGroup Song Competition
School Choir Group
School Band Party
FA2 Syllabus - Class - IX & X
FA2 Syllabus - Class - IV - VIII (05.08.16)
PI day
Moonlight Dinner @ 2016
Moonlight Dinner
Information about the boarders parents regarding the outpass and PTM
Powerpoint Presentation On NCC
Powerpoint Presentation on Father's Day
Year Calender - Exams,Holidays, PTM, Outing as on 15 May 2016
Addressing of Dr. Beeaji from America & Distribution of Tabs to the SVIS Teachers
Information of the boarding parents regarding out-pass and PTM.
LIST OF CANDIDATES - March, 2016 (2015-16)
10th Class our students secured 100% pass results
Sree Vidyanikethan Alumni - Hyderabad Chapter
SVIS has been ranked 5th best school in state and 37th in India.
V-Times July 2015
Bangalore Chapter's Inaugural & Invitation
Best Debaters of the Year
Republic day Celebrations at SVIS
Sports Day Celebrations at SVIS
C.B.S.E Workshop For In service Teachers' Training on Gender Sensitivity ( 3rd January, 2015)
Academics Cock House Winners 2014 - 2015
Schedule of Board Examination
C.B.S.E Basket Ball National Meet 2014-15
Christmas Celebrations
Display Panels for Christmas
Trumpet Dec 2014 Final Compilation
Intramurals at SVIS
Debate Competition
Trumpet October 2014
Education begins a gentleman, conversation completes him.Dr. Thomas Fuller (1654 - 1734)
Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.Malcolm Forbes (1919 - 1990)
Education is the best provision for old age.
Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)