Student Life

Student Life:

SVIS provides all kinds of facilities which are necessary for the betterment of the pupil. A great part of our time will be spent outside the classroom. We work to support SVIS students in all aspects of school life, especially by offering programs, services and resources to make our tenure as exciting as possible. A home away from home is what each of our residential complexes for boys and girls are all about. Beautiful rooms with all the amenities, nutritious food in an extremely hygienic environment, are what you find at the hostel.


A healthy mind in a healthy body is what we believe in, and lay emphasis on field physical activities like Cricket, Tennis, Basket ball, Volley ball, Foot ball and many more .,. Apart from studies students are encouraged to take active part in sports and other cultural activities. We at SVIS encourage our students to participate in all competitions no matter we win or lose, but participation is important. Able players are given encouragement to compete at the highest level under the guidance of expert coaches. It is great to see that our students have competed in state and national levels.

Residential Education:

Sprawling campus, mega infrastructure catering to every need of the student, be it intellectual or physical, state-of-the art facilities…everything you see at the campus is as big as the dream of Chairman Dr. M. Mohan Babu. Great care and attention has been taken to provide only the very best to the students. So, it is very important to have residential education, because to gain more and more knowledge a student should learn more from researches from this natural surroundings. All the dorms are spacious and each dorm has a spacious study room, well ventilated with windows covered with mesh. We believe that student has to enjoy life and learn at the same time – a period from which will be remembered and cherished – a period from which they will draw on experiences that will help them cope with real life situations.


Entertainment has various meanings, but basically it is a diversion from Normal life. Most people say it is fun and exciting. For instance Television, Movies, Sports, and Music are examples of entertainment. We at SVIS provide all such kind of facilities, probably more than this, because we believe that unless students are comfortably housed their experience of education would not be complete. Each hostel block has a common room with television, music system and many indoor games. Old classics and latest movies are screened every Saturday except during the exams. Sunday is a day off so students are free to watch television and do their activities as mentioned in the daily schedule.

News Paper :

It is very important to know what is happening in the outer world, for the pupil staying in the hostel. We provide our students, the comfort of reading News paper. Reading Newspaper is a very good habit, and one should put on a habit of reading newspaper regularly because it not only improves our IQ but also improves our vocabulary and communication skills. SVIS leaves no stone unturned to get the best out of every student. We even provide PAT (Placements and Trainings).

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